New Flavor: Strawberry Mango Blackberry, No Added Cane Sugar

A few weeks ago we had a request for a custom flavor. I’d meant to make it but time was getting short. My employee Ollin has made more of my pops than anyone, and I knew he had a good sense for flavors, so I called him up and asked him to make it. Given just a very high level idea of what I was looking for, he developed the recipe and it was really good. This week I tasked him with remaking it with no added cane sugar, as that’s a frequent request we get. He knocked it out of the park and as such we’re adding it to the regular menu.
It’s a little strange feeling, being the first recipe we’re selling that wasn’t developed by me, but it’s delicious and I’m happy to have it on the menu.
#sangabrielwhatuploke: Will this flavor be at school on Friday?!🤩renee_hn: That’s leadership right there. Congratulationskathy_mach: Omg!! I need this!!elio_elleon: ¡ORALE! 👊🏼oec5: Sounds delicious, can’t wait to try.