Lunar New Year with Hoy’s Wok

Happy Lunar New Year!
To help them celebrate we made @hoyswok some Strawberry Mint pops with custom sticks. Head over to their awesome chinese restaurant right on Sunset in Hollywood, enjoy some great food, amazing drinks, and get a free ice pop with your meal*. We love doing collaborations with great people like this. Hoy’s Wok is family owned since 1985! *While supplies last.
#veganhoyswok: Happy Lunar New Year our friends at @nomadicepops 🧧💯🔥chadwickdd: Any chance I could get you to deliver to Seattle? If so, we can paddle the Little White or the green truss. 🚣🏼‍♀️🌊 Hope all is well buddy.zombieatemyneighbors8: @nomadicepops any available in SGV Store?